Body Scrubs

carrot and cucumber scrub

Bali Traditional Cucumber and Carrot Scrub

A refreshing scrub made from fresh cucumber and carrot mixed with rice powder, to nourish the skin. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, refreshed and nourished. Its great for oily skin too.

$230     2 hours


Balinese Mandi Lulur

A traditional relaxing and cleansing treatment which soothes and exfoliates the skin using tumeric, sandalwood, herbs and spices after traditional massage and lulur. Immerse in a warm shower scented with fresh flowers.

$230     2 hours


Traditional Balinese Coffee Scrub

Made from Balinese coffee, pumice powder and kaolin clay. It is stimulating and refreshing, removes dead skin and makes the skin smooth and soft.

$230    2 hours


Balinese Rice Scrub

An exfoliating and invigorating body scrub made with traditional ingredients. Ground rice removes dead skin cells, while rice bran oil softens and moisturizes the newly polished skin.

$230     2 hours


Traditional Balinese Boreh

This traditional Balinese “Boreh” was created for men and women to restore general health, vitality and freshness. It feels really hot and is good for fever, headaches, muscular aches, arthritis and chills. It increases the blood circulation and its exfoliating ingredients (cloves and rice) soften the skin.

$250     2 hours



Strawberry Scrub, Chocolate Scrub, Green Tea Scrub and Avocado Scrub

All 2 hours and $230 each.